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Title:YUMMY Indonesian pancake like dessert
Published:18 February 2018
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Come along with me as I try martabak a indonesian favorite street snack. I head over to try this popular vendor that sells this pancake like dessert. I order two versions of martabak to try. The first one is called ''Martabak Telur'' and the second one is called ''Martabak Manis''. I watch as the vendor makes both of them, and it is amazing just to see him make it. At this point I get exited to try, what looks like such a good treat. About 5 mintues later the vendor brings both martabaks out. I open the box and they look so good and smell incredible. I try the martabak telur first, and it's just amazing as the people talk about it. The taste is out of the world, perfect in my opinion. Then after I try the martabak manis. It is different in the look of the previous one, I take a bite and it is just as good. But this one tastes more sweet and like dessert, while the other one taste more like a omelette mixed with a asian egg roll. I soon pick the flavor I like best, and it is the martabak telur. Which is not to sweet but just the right amount of delicious flavor.

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